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Q Can buyers view homes for sale on your site?

A No, because that's not the mission of our site.

We're here to show you how to get your home sold. However, we do provide links to hundreds of sites throughout the US and Canada that help sellers advertise their homes by posting pictures and information on the internet.

Q Since you're not a membership site or don't even require visitors to sign-in, how do you make any money?

A Actually, we don't. This entire site site was developed by former (retired) Realtors. We feel it's time to give back to the home owners.

Home prices have dramatically increased and have resulted in an exorbinant amount of commission on most home sales. At the same time, the internet has made the job of selling homes much easier.

To level the playing field, we provide sellers with the knowledge and tools they need to get their home sold faster and to pocket more money - whether they sell on their own or use an agent.

Our site is totally free, with access to:

  1) links to local home stager sites ( the largest, most current list of stager internet sites anywhere).

  2) hundreds of local discount agencies, by-owner, flat fee and fee-for-service sites.

  3) our LIST section explains what you should know should you choose to use a real

      estate agent and of the many ways to (significantly) lower your commission.

We hope that visitors would see the value we provide and recommend our site to other owners.

Our goal is to save you thousands in commission. We provide insider suggestions to maximize your profit, help you sell faster and push agents to provide more reasonable fees. We are professional and seller focused, offering a unique resource for advice that is relevant, easy to navigate and guaranteed to help you sell faster and make more money. Get started today for a real edge in selling your home by taking a site tour. Click on any of the six selling steps for free advice.

The insight you’ll gain from will help you anytime you sell your home, whether you use an agent or sell on your own.

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