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Make the selling process a successful one for homeowners by providing info, tips and techniques that successful agents have mastered from years of experience. Empower sellers with confidence for achieving maximum profits and a faster sale.

Changes in the law continue to be slanted in favor of buyers. With the growth among agents that represent buyers, agent representation for home sellers has been greatly reduced. But with us, home sellers are the only focus; both with by-owners as well as those who choose to use an agency or through limited representation with flat fee and fee-for-service alternatives.


Our experience includes home sales, condo sales and real estate management. It has come from major metropolitan areas and small communities. It includes several national agencies, a local agency plus a major company whose discount approach is growing like wildfire.

As insiders, we know the ins and outs of the home selling process.


Most home sellers don’t have the experience to know the questions to ask as they move through the selling process when selling on their own and even when they hire an agent to represent them. That puts them at a tremendous disadvantage. Our mission is to change that. 

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