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Advertising help for By-Owners

Promote yourself, advertise FSBO:

Having “FSBO” or “for-sale-by-owner” in your ad means you’re off to a great start in attracting attention. Being by-owner already gives you a price advantage over sellers who are listed as well as a unique headline.

Ad headlines:

Create a picture with headlines and descriptions  

Good ad headlines will definitely help your marketing efforts.

Say something tangible, positive or state something that the competing houses on the market can't all say.

Here are some examples. 

Impress with features, size and condition of your home 

Add some excitement to your home through the power of words.  Some examples

Kitchens, older homes, yards, views and landscaping 

Kitchens can really sell a home. The yard, outside views and initial impression that landscaping creates are areas that you can use to pull in the readers.

Older homes appeal to many because of their nostalgic offerings. Play on this.

Phrases that attract buyers.  

Features and Phrases to avoid

Many features don't add any real value due to their insignificance or the fact that the item can be easily replaced or added.

Don't include items unless they make readers want to see your home. Their appearance in the ad actually implies that a property has little else to offer.

Avoid phrase like these.


Having provided a lot of ideas for the above areas in an ad, our recommendation is to use minimal newspaper advertising! However, these phrases and tips will help you in creating a brochure or neighborhood flyer.

Most newspapers are too expensive for their short lived time period. Instead, cut the ad size by stating FSBO and then just specifying two key buyer components: price and location. Then add: Go to for full info. Have your home on a web site and direct them to you home which will have pictures and a full slate of information.  

Pictures of your home

Home pictures in the classifieds are becoming common. Buyers want to easily see what the home looks like. Some real estate web sites now offer the viewer the option of sequencing the house ads based on the number of pictures they display. 

Look at any newspaper page and see how your eyes quickly focus on the pictures. Statistics show that many viewers of real estate web sites will only look at home listings that offer photos. The use of pictures to support your marketing efforts cannot be over emphasized.



The rooms need to be seen. Turn on as many lights as possible. Open your drapes, curtains and blinds. 

Omit any clutter. Even if you have to move items around or move some furniture for your best shot, do it.



The front exterior must be the lead picture. Eighty two percent of viewers are suspicious when the front of a house is not displayed. OK, maybe not exactly 82%, but a majority are thinking your home's exterior must be Betty-Ugly. They'll quickly go to the next listing.   

Take pictures on a clear sunny day–preferably with the sun to your back or to the side. Stay away from capturing heavy shadows. Try different angles.

Avoid a flat (head–on) shot of the front of your house. Otherwise the home will lack depth and often the garage is highlighted, the least appealing aspect of a structure’s architecture. 

Never use pictures with vehicles in the driveway. Be sure trashcans, toys, bikes, etc. are out of site. 

If you live in a condo or townhouse, include pictures of the pool, tennis courts, clubhouse and “common area” enhancements.  

Varied Views:


Create interest by taking some interior and exterior pictures from a low, ground level, position or a very high, elevated location. Capture the yard, deck, pool, mountains, beach, golf course, etc.

If front pictures present a problem (overgrown trees, bushes, greenery, electric lines, etc) highlight the spacious rear yard by shooting from the house or by emphasizing space from the back toward your home. 

Outdated pictures:


Don't use out-of-season pictures. Prospects will think it's been on the market forever. As seasons change, use new photos. If you want to show the delightful exterior in the off season, place a few pictures on the table where you set your brochures.

If you have some old photos that would play well in your ad, a camera center can convert them to a disk, including resizing. With basic software, you can often edit out unwanted items as well as modify the contrast and brightness to enhance your pictures. 


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