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Always advertise the asking price

Lots of reasons for including the price:

Omit the price and many buyers assume your house must be too expensive. Also, some people are too intimidated to call and have to ask. 
When the price is in your ad, right away you know that the caller didn't see price as a stumbling block. Calls generated from ads that don't state the price are usually from buyers outside of your home’s price range and wastes everybody’s time. 

But agents don't always include prices:   

Agents and agencies often advertise without the price. Their intention is to get people to call their company. After getting more info on the advertised house, if the buyer isn't interested in that property, they can try to interest them in any home on the market. You're objective is to generate calls from buyers that are in your price range.

Your goal is to sell your house. An agent’s goal is to sell any house.  

This "no price" approach also holds true for location. Price and location are a buyer's most decisive factors in selecting a home. Think how irritated you get when reading ads that don't provide a clue as to price or location, found especially in some real estate magazines. After a while, the ads become a blur.   

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