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Nationwide and Local FSBO Sites

Below is a list of some of the larger, nationwide for-sale-by-owner real estate web sites in the US and Canada. Prices can change at any time and are subject to seasonal and promotional offers.

Some fsbo sites offer various levels of service and/or they have different lengths of time a "listing" is displayed.

There are many excellent FSBO sites that service a particular state, region or city but there are too many to list here. The appeal they offer is that their listings are more likely to be currently active on the market.

Many display links to local community sites and related information that is relevant to their viewers. To see the sites in your area, click  here.

List of national by-owner web sites     Not a very professional looking site, but it has decent offerings. Many listings had no address, eliminating a drive-by peek.

$49.50 trial plus a Flat Fee option    Hard to navigate this nice looking site. Homes shown, but no address to drive by.

Difficult to find info about their pricing schedule.   Search by State, zip code or ad ID. Does not appear to provide property address. Professional presentation.

Prices vary-depends upon your area, typically $249 to ?. Canada (Ontario, mostly)  They provide a very neat, buyer-friendly site with search options and good detail info.                                                                                               Nice site although very pricey. Primarily the same site as but more expensive.                                                                               Can find home with ID number. A zip code search will bring homes from totally outside the buyer's desired area. Needs some refinement.                                                                                        Very amateur looking site that actually provides good info for buyers, but lack of address with many homes prevents a drive-by. Homepage is way too text heavy and obviously unappealing - to buyers too?. 

Appears to be the same site as 2BuyHomes. Or maybe they hired the same web designer.

                                                                    Canada  Used to be a nice, clean, well organized site. Now - another site that got clobbered in the Great Recession and added anything it could to list.

Used to be $89.95 for 12 month listing.     Canada and US. Good info for buyers but somewhat confusing and hard to navigate. Trying too hard to be all things to all people. Many very dated listings (?).

Latest deal is for a flat fee listing ($299) and get your beauty on the MLS.     Slick site catering primarily to military personnel at or near the service bases throughout the country. Listings are marked as selling by owner or if using a real estate agent.                                                                                                                                                                                   Used to be $14.95 (45 days) up to $79.95 (180 days) plus  other benefits.     Nice clean site with several pricing options. From free to being listed on your local MLS and Needs an ID search option.      Canada. Nice site with lots of features/benefits. 


Propertysold.cad     Canada            Good pricing plans and buyer info.     Lots of homes. Solid site. Appears to have most of the same listings as (close to being a clone site with different pricing).  

Variety of rates. Used to be $59.95 / mo to $149 (until sold) and higher with more options.       Zillow has never lived up to the hype it commanded. But still worth checking out.


NOTE: Sites that were NOT included:

Sites were omitted that concentrated on foreclosure property. We also tried to omit those that were composed primarily of real estate agent listings. But if a site gets desperate for inventory...

Your comments:
Your observations are welcome and will be considered as the sites are updated.  If you feel a key web site has been excluded that would compare favorably here or if one of the above has recently changed their offerings, please advise us through the CONTACT US link below.

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