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Home Brochures can help sell a home

Home brochure can give you an edge:

  • Gives impression of a special home    
  • Helps sell your home after the buyers leave
  • Allows for the “hard sell” of your key features
  • Can highlight features the buyers missed

Create a home brochure: 

  • COVER PAGE  Have a compelling headline, picture, and  highlight summary.
  • TEXT PAGES  Contain info, elaborations of features and inside/outside photos. Include any of the following:
List major improvements. Skip older items (which suggest replacement is due) and minor items (new showerhead- really?).

Don’t provide dollar investment on older items, nobody cares.

Special features
Include things like a remote garage door keypad, a security system, attic storage, tilt-in windows, a back-up sump pump, induction cook-top range, etc. Include things you take for granted.
Include energy saving devices like new windows with “e” glass, higher seer (high efficiency) air conditioner, high efficiency furnace, a set-back thermostat etc.
Utility costs
List average monthly cost for the past year for utility services. Exclude phone, cable and non-necessities. 
Floor plan
Consider including a copy of the builder’s floor plan . 
Provide photos of landscaping in full bloom when selling out of season.
Interest rates
You could include a copy of the bank rates in your area. Go to
A map
Copy a map; marked with your home’s location, highlight local shopping areas, hospital, the rec center, etc. Position your home in the center to give the appearance of being conveniently located. Print your property location from a site like or the map.

Highlight local schools (confirm first) that  currently service your location as boundaries can change. Direct prospects to the districts web site - if it looks appealing.

Community and neighborhood info
Annual neighborhood and community events will be of interest. 
Seller disclosures
A property disclosure copy could be attached.

Home brochure tips:

If pictures display the photo date, be sure they're current. Prospects assume the dates are when your home went on the market.

You can obtain all kinds of community information about your area at provides a wealth of information on thousands of cities. 

Consider including local lender contacts and home inspectors. These can be obtained from agents who gave you a CMA. Entitledirect offers multiple title insurance quotes at reduced rates.

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