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Must have: For Sale signs and Info Boxes

The for-sale sign:

The National Association of Realtors found that over 70 % of buyers reported that yard signs are a great source in their home search. Over 50% of homes are sold because of yard signs.

It will be noticed:  
Lots of buyers drive around hoping to spot their dream home. Even those working with an agent continue this cruise-around routine. A sign could be all that it takes to alert the right buyer.
This makes sense. Buyers see your sign because they like your neighborhood. A call based on a sign means that they like your home's exterior and want to investigate further.  
It adds to that first impression:
Have a sign that's in good condition and easy to read from a distance. If your sign faces (is parallel to) the street, it can’t be seen from a distance as drivers are approaching. A cheap black on white sign looks temporary–like you’re not really serious. It’s also hard to spot in the snow.

Use stick-on numbers from a hardware store for the phone number. Hand drawn numbers with a magic marker? A home-made sign? Don’t even think about these.
Directional signs are highly recommended:
They point people in the right direction. They should be placed no further away than an adjoining neighborhood (that’s similar to yours).
Check your sign every day:
After a rain or windstorm, if it’s leaning over, it will present a forlorn look, conveying an appearance of being on the market too long. 
Refrain from the “By Appointment Only”:
Do you really want this "welcome to the neighborhood" impression to come from your sign? Display your phone number to invite calls and appointments. The “shown by appointment” stipulation can be easily inserted on fliers in an info box mounted on the sign. If buyers come to your door anyway, advise them that you’re unable to show just now. Get their phone number and set up an appointment.
Local ordinances:
Local restrictions may apply to placement of signs on both public and private property. If you live on a corner you can usually place a sign on each side. Ask homeowners at near-by corner lots if you could place a directional sign on their property during the weekends. 
Sign sources:
They can be purchased at local hardware stores or the better ones can be ordered from, and

Info boxes:  

Buyers like immediate answers:
If they like the looks of a home, they'd like more information now. Attach an info box to your sign and always keep it stocked with several fliers. Satisfy buyers immediately, without the need for a phone inquiry. The flyer may also be passed on to others as well as serve as a reminder of your appealing home. 
Easy to make flier:
Here’s an example of a simple flier. It consists of a single page that has pricing info, a list of major features and your contact info. Consider including a good picture. If your home is on an internet site, be sure to list your web site address. 
With fliers, as with newspaper advertising, don’t go into detail with room sizes, which rooms have carpeting, the new dining room chandelier, etc. Concentrate on major features and benefits. Get an info box at any hardware store.
But real estate offices rarely use them:
That's because they cut down on calls from buyers. Agencies look to attract callers so they can sell them any home. An info box helps to sell just one home.
If you're listed, have your agent use one.
Most agents who use them just insert copies of the MLS listing sheet into the box. Mistake.
These sheets are loaded with confusing abbreviations and agent information. Plus, they provide too much information, often resulting in the opposite of their intent. They tell everything, leaving little to the buyer's imagination and can dampen the desire for the buyers to see inside.

As an example, some buyers may feel they have to have a fireplace. If the MLS sheet says you don’t have one, you’ll probably never see those buyers. However, those same prospects may fall in love with your home if they just viewed the inside. Actually seeing all your other features could easily convince them to dismiss the fireplace as a “must have” item.


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