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Your neighbors can help !

Host a party for the neighbors: 

 Throw a party. It’s best if you can entertain the neighbors just before you put your house on the market. It should look like it’s ready for a showing, decorated like a model; fresh flowers, fresh paint, new bath towels–the whole nine yards. Be sure you’ve covered our home preparation tips and home staging recommendations in the PREPARE section. Tell guests that if they know of anyone that might be interested, to get in touch with you.

Tell guests that if they know of anyone that might be interested, to get in touch with you.

Who'd like to have a say - as to who will be living in your home? Obviously, your neighbors would. Wouldn’t you if your neighbor was selling? They may know someone currently looking or someone they’d like to see living in your house. Your home may be the house one of your neighbors has always had their eye on for a family member! A neighborhood get-together is a great sales promo that could easily sell your home.

Set out a few brochures so they can pass them along to interested friends and relatives.

Even if you’re already on the market, go ahead and host this get-together. If you’re embarrassed about them seeing your asking price, guess what? They already know it. Either that or you know deep down in your heart that your castle is overpriced.

Use a flyer. It's a natural:

Your neighbors often know of family members, friends or coworkers who are considering moving. Send them a home flyer. You can count on it being read and discussed at dinner. After all, they have a real interest in who buys your home! 
Current Home sellers are good candidates:


Many people who have their home on the market have not decided on their next house. Look on a web site like to get the addresses of homes on the market in your area. It’s a fact that most buyers buy in the area where they currently reside. Their agent will be showing them homes that are listed. If you’re selling by-owner, your home could be just the property they are looking for and they don’t even know about it.


Create a flyer that has appeal to owners moving up. Now comes the basic pricing principal for these buyers. These people typically buy a home that is at least 30%, and typically more like 50% more expensive than the value of their present home.
  As an example, people in a $200,000 home usually move up to a home over $280,000 and often, much higher. They’ve been saving for a while, built some equity up but basically don’t feel they’re getting that much more for their money or that it's worth the effort to consider a home below this move-up amount. The $150,000 buyers are looking from around $200,000 to $250,000 and so on. 


When the economy is in the toilet, downsizing could come from any higher range. Don’t concentrate on a direct mailer to these people. Incidentally, single story homes are a magnet for downsizing retirees and empty nesters in about any community. 


NOTE: Consider promoting an upcoming open house in your flyer. 
Create your flier: 

 Here's a link to a sample flyer.

This will definitely catch your reader's attention. It has the potential of generating the desired result.

Make copies on heavy paper (32# is excellent). Give it a two or three fold, staple shut and mail with a first class stamp.

Either provide the exact price or, if desired, conceal it somewhat with a “Priced in the 250s or mid 200s”, whichever you feel comfortable doing. Some indication of price is mandatory.  

Simply address them to “The Homeowners At ----”(followed by their address). The fact that this address is hand written and has your return address guarantees that it will be read. 

Send as a follow-up:

These fliers make a nice reminder if you have already hosted a “we’re moving” party for the neighbors. They can also be sent to those that didn’t attend, plus area residents who live further away and weren’t invited. Personalize it to suit your personality. 

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