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Improve your Curb Appeal:

Make the best of your front exterior or as the agents call it, "curb appeal." You want prospective buyers feeling optimistic before even seeing the inside of your home
Look at your home from the curb. Really. Focus separately on the house, the surrounding yard and landscaping. Any room for improvement? No? Then put on a “buyer’s hat” and take a second look.
A shoddy or appealing look becomes the first and last impression buyers have of your home.


  • Keep your lawn fertilized. Start weeks before going on the market.
  • Get that perfect look on the lawn with an edger.
  • Water frequently at night to maintain a lush look.
  • Keep sidewalks and driveway free of weeds, snow or leaves.
  • Trim the shrubs. Have old, overgrown ones replaced.
  • Apply a fresh topcoat to a tired asphalt driveway or reseal a brick driveway.
  • Spread mulch or bark around trees and planting areas. Don’t skimp on the quantity, otherwise it’ll look like a cheap attempt to impress.
  • Hide bikes, toys, scooters, etc., as they should not be visible from the front.
  • Could shutters, trim or fences use some help?
  • Pressure wash concrete patios and sidewalks or other badly stained surfaces.
  • Exterior paint on the house and garage must be in good condition.
  • Pressure wash concrete patios and sidewalks or other badly stained surfaces.
  • Roof shingles should pass inspection. Some low angle roofs may need to be swept off.
  • Trim any tree branches that are touching the roof or house.
  • The gutters must appear visibly clean for all showings. But a thorough cleaning may be needed before a home inspection.
  • Take down or leave up swing sets - depends on your target market. Young couples will take backyard ownership faster with these extras.
  • Create a backyard outside living area with outdoor furniture and mature, lush hanging plants on the patio or deck. Remove your older, worn out patio furniture if repainting isn’t an option; consider replacing them if the new furniture is suitable for your next home. This is an area that can evoke relaxing images of a morning cup of coffee or the solitude of a warm summer evening.
  • Keep your garage door down. Open doors create an unsightly distraction.
 Exterior improvements add value to your house because they will pull more buyers in the door. 


Tend to the following and create a positive first impression: 
  • A new mailbox or mail slot and possibly a doormat
  • Stylish garage sidelights
  • Fresh plants in tasteful plant holders for your porch
  • Working doorbell
  • A new screen door or full–view storm door
  • Decorative brass kick plate and/or door handles
  • A seasonal or decorative door wreath
  • Clean and cobweb-free porch area
  • Repainted or restained front door
Here's some fun ideas (more expensive though, at Zillow)

The exterior of a house that appears well maintained implies that the interior is also in good condition. It's all about perception. Perception can be your new best friend.



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