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All buyers are liars:

All buyers are liars

Many agents are taught a tactic to use, but only after a buyer shows serious interest in a home, although buyer gives a reason for not wanting it. This is a learned skill that anyone can also use. 

The technique:

At the conclusion of a showing where the buyers are very positive about a house - they tell the agent that they really like the house, but it isn't for them because _____________. 
The veteran agent then responds with a polite comment that is intended to see IF that obstacle was eliminated, would they buy the house: 
 “If the house didn’t have (or did have) ___________ would you buy it?”

 Agent example:

For example, the agent asks the "interested" buyer if he wants to consider making an offer. The buyer responds, “Great house, but I really wanted a larger kitchen.” Now, the agent uses the buyer’s reason for not wanting to proceed further and asks the key question, “If it had a larger kitchen, would you buy it?”

If the kitchen size is truly the buyer’s real objection, then you would expect the buyer to say, “Yes, I would buy it.” 
If he does, the agent can ask why he wants a larger kitchen, and possibly provide solutions to this obstacle (knock out a wall to the dining room, replace the cabinets with taller ones - if cabinet space is the issue, eliminate the large center island, etc.).
But if the buyer responds, “No, I wouldn’t buy it,” then the buyer wasn’t being honest (liar!) that the kitchen is the reason for not buying the home. 

This is how an agent (politely) finds out if the buyer is a “liar”.  This technique opens the door for the agent to now probe deeper into what is the buyer’s real objection to buying the house and see if solutions can be considered.  
If you are selling as a by-owner and see the potential in this procedure, see how you can apply this tactic on the Next Page.  

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