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Tips for Home Sellers

Welcome! Each day we post a small selling tip that will

help you develop the mindset for getting your home sold.

Tip for October 22nd, 2017:

Little house keeping details make a big difference.

• Keep your stairways clear of ALL objects.
• Put away things like ironing boards, laundry baskets and vacuum sweepers. These and other utility type items are clues to the buyers that your home lacks adequate closet space.
• Keep the toilet lids down. Closed lids will offend no one.
• Replace or rid your home of dead or dying houseplants.
• Repair a damaged interior side of a bathroom or bedroom door by covering with an inexpensive, full-length mirror.

These are just a few examples of the many hints and suggestions that you’ll see in the PREPARE step. Even if you’ve been on the market for a while, these tips can give you a new perspective to eliminating negatives while maximizing your home’s appeal.
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